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For more than 38 years, our longest-serving real estate agent, Peter Ware, has been helping homeowners get the price of their dreams when it comes to the time of sale.

With his wealth of experience and knowledge, you can rest assured Peter will do everything he can to help you achieve your property goals.

For a real estate agent that you can rely on, ask for Peter.

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Peter Ware Has Nearly 30 Years of Experience


Well known as a gentleman and a strong negotiator, Peter has had nearly 30 years in the local market as an agent, business owner, mentor, and landlord.

Peter has a wealth of advice to offer, but time and time again he sees properties come to the market where both the property and the home seller are ill-prepared; the unfortunate result is a home sold below its full potential.

Industry Experience

With 38 years of experience and being the longest-serving agent in the Kapiti region, you can rest assured Peter Ware will offer a professional and efficient service.

Better Results

With his wealth of knowledge and experience, Peter gets higher prices for homes than other agents, so you can have peace of mind knowing your home is in good hands.

Passionate Agent

As a passionate and dedicated agent, you can have peace of mind knowing Peter will go the extra mile to get the best results for you.

Great Advice

Peter is dedicated to getting you the best results, which is why he will provide you with exceptional advice to help get you what you want.

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